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Our family of Farbers start with Philip Farber,b. 10-3-1757 in Morris Co. N.J. he died 10-3-1831 in Sandy Twp. Tuscarawas Co. Oh. he is buried in the Farber-Knotts, Cem. Stark Co. Sandy Twp. Oh. he married Margaret Wallace, who was b. 4-19-1758 and d.12-20-1836.Their children were, Mary,Daniel,John J.(pictured below),Elizabeth,Catherine,Sarah,Patty,Peter,William, and Phillip..

This is John J. Farber, he is our 4th great grandfather he was born10-24-1781 in N.J. he died 1-3-1864 in Sandy Twp. Tuscarawas Co. Oh. and is buried in the Farber Cemetery.

He married;

Elizabeth Douglas, is our 4th great grandmother, she was born 2-20-1787 in Morris Co. N.J. she died 6-10-1831 in Rose Twp. Carroll Co. Oh. and is buried in the Farber Cemetery. She was the daughter of James Douglas who died abt. 1827.

Their daughter was;

Elizabeth Farber, born 3-14-1806 in Sandy Twp. Tuscarawas Co. Oh and died 1-17-1872 in Riley Twp. Sandusky Co,Oh.

She married;

Adam Lutes, born 12-24-1806 and died 1-11-1882 in Riley Twp. Sandusky Co. Oh. they married on 4-4-1832.

Adam and Elizabeth were the parents of William Douglas Lutes, William married Clarissa Reed Snyder their daughter was Almeda Jane Lutes. Almeda married Jacob Arthur Desenberg. Their daughter was Mary Myrtle Desenberg, our grandmother...

Elizabeth Farber’s siblings and spouses

This is Margaret Farber.7-22-1810 to 1-20-1872. She was married to;

This is William Close..

This is James Franklin Farber.3-1-1808 to 6-2-1890 He was married to;

This is Catherine A. Weaver.

This is Catherine Farber.12-6-1814 to 10-20-1890 She married;

This is Michael Evans.

This is Sarah Farber.7-6-1821 to 9-8-1906. She married;

This is Samuel Meek.

This is Phoebe Farber. 12-16-1825 to 1-5-1910.She married;

This is Samuel C. Diver

This is Abigail Farber. 2-9-1818 to 4-24-1897. She married Benjamin Franklin Weaver.

This is Peter Farber. 10-13-1812 to 1-11-1896. He married;

This is Elizabeth Evans.